Seller FAQs

Seller FAQs

When choosing a vendor for AmericaDIY, we assess several factors including community relation, product quality, attention to detail, and a vendor’s overall ability to deliver. If you have demonstrated positive results in all of these areas, then let’s partner up!

Whenever an order is placed, AmericaDIY will send you an automated text with the order # as well as an email that outlines all of the order details. Once received, you can confirm the order with your customer right from your email. In order to view all of your sales, we provide a clean and intuitive dashboard for you to manage your whole store.

If a customer has a question surrounding the ordering process or the functions of the platform, we work directly with the customer to get the issue resolved. If a customer has a question specific to your product, we direct the customer to communicate with your store directly.

AmericaDIY has been set up to limit comparison shopping between vendors. Your shop is exclusive to customers when they come through the channels that you have set up (i.e. link from your website, link from Google My Business, ADIY provided promo cards, etc.) With that being said, AmericaDIY will curate a product line for the geographical area to sell in the general ADIY-branded store, which may include products from different vendors. For example, if we find a type of rock at another vendor that you do not carry here, we may include that product in the general ADIY store for this area.

If you want your products to be available in addition to the ADIY branded general storefront, we provide the service and tools to create your own branded online store quickly and efficiently at no cost to you.

The best way to drive more business to your online store is by adding an “Order Now” link to your current website, linking your Google My Business page, and passing out AmericaDIY provided QR code cards to your customers that link them directly to your store. In addition, you can promote your online store through newsletters, your social media channels, running online ads, as well as advertising in local newspapers.

Yes, whenever an order comes in, you are provided with the customer’s full name, delivery address, phone number, and email address.

Yes, you can add as many items to your online store as you would like. There is no limit.

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