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Affordable Landscape Upgrades

Affordable Landscape Upgrades Description

Unless you’re doing structural changes or huge concrete build-outs, most of these affordable upgrades are ones you can implement yourself. Remember that less is more and a little design effort can create a striking aesthetic.

Rock features

Rocks are an elegant natural accent that have a multitude of uses. Rocks also don’t need to be watered or maintained, and don’t change in any type of weather. This makes them a mainstay of landscape design and an addition that will provide both utility and aesthetic.

If you’ve got uncovered dirt that's drying out or cracking, place a bed of neutral tone pebbles over it. Once smoothed down, pebbles create an even look that compliments grass or flower beds and fills in space around a planted tree or bush. We’ve got an assortment of gravel and pebbles ranging in colors. Knock yourself out.

Consider picking up large flagstones, limestones, or black slate stones to use as a footpath. Rich, dark obsidian stones will pop off of a bed of white gravel and result in a beautiful contrast. On the flipside, use tan or cream colored stones over a bed of brown or black pebbles to achieve a similar contrasting look.

Ground cover as a deceptive art

It’s time to get realistic. Not all yards come pruned and prepped to be photographed for the cover of Homes & Gardens. Some yards are slanted, bumpy, and downright tricky to work with.

There’s a solution for that: tasteful ground cover. If you’ve got a small plot where grass won’t grow, flowers won’t flourish, and rocks look clunky, then plant some ground cover like Pachysandra. 

This versatile greenery grows easily in shaded areas and works marvelously to cover unruly patches of fractured dirt, a tree stump, or anything in between. Pachysandra is a dream for shade gardens but this plant also grows rapidly. Make sure to maintain its growth and prevent it from invading other parts of your landscape.

Perennials shrubs add life and color

By planting perennial shrubs in your yard, you’re investing in a burst of color that will pleasantly surprise you year after year when Spring time rolls around.

Sedum, Peony, Bee Balm, and many other perennials are tough enough to survive harsh winters and vibrant enough to catch the eye of anyone who passes by.

Perennials  provide a chunk of color to your landscape that pebbles and rock and pavement don’t provide. These plants cost somewhere in the ballpark of $40 depending on the variety. You will need to prune and trim perennials to avoid having overgrowth, but for the bit of maintenance required, they are a glittering addition to any landscape.

Go get your hands dirty

Start by mapping out your design and remember, less is more. Once you know which materials you want to use (i.e. rock, grass, mulch, flowers, trees) then plot out how you want them to intersect. 

Measure your yard and sketch out your idea. This will help you actualize how much of each material you need to breathe new life into your landscape. Check out other ideas for simple landscaping improvements we didn’t list here. The possibilities are endless.

First impressions are everything. Make sure your home is presentable from the outside in.