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3 of the Hottest Landscaping Trends to Try in 2022

3 of the Hottest Landscaping Trends to Try in 2022 Description

New year, new you landscape.

We think you’re great just the way you are. So, why not put extra energy and focus into the dazzling yard and garden you’ve been dreaming of and putting off for years?

In this post, we’ll cover some of the hottest gardening and landscaping trends to try in 2022. These creative practices will benefit both the consistent, meticulous gardeners and you folks who are just setting out to beautify your yard.

The Trends

From bursts of color to sustainable gardening and outdoor offices, we’ve picked out three intriguing trends that will help you reinvent your landscape for the year ahead. 

All out color

In 2022, some prominent gardeners and bloggers are predicting a rise in vibrant colors and eye-popping landscapes.

Excess time spent at home during the pandemic has nudged people to question their standard landscaping practices and begin concocting new methods for sprucing up their yards.

Why not create a highly expressive space with bold plants and flowers you’ve never planted before? One change often sparks an ongoing transformation.

Consider acquiring a few large, colorful plants like bromeliad, calla, lipstick plant, or peace lily. These effervescent plants will introduce audacious colors and shapes to your landscape. 

If you have a front or back patio, purchase a few eclectic flower pots to place on banisters or steps and fill them with even brighter colored flowers such as peonies, poppys, zinnias, or soft, orange hibiscus.

There’s no rulebook for infusing color into your landscape. Start by assessing your space and taking note of spots that would benefit from rich colors. Then, head to your local gardening center and pick out plants and flowers that suit your taste. 

Sustainability & Functionality

Sometimes, we roll out spongy turf and nestle burnt orange marigolds into the ground all for the marvelous aesthetic they bring to our landscapes.

Beauty aside, gardening and landscaping promotes powerful benefits—for yourself, your neighbors, and the planet.

In 2021, over 60 million people purchased plants to create cleaner air around their homes and support pollinators and birds in their neighborhoods. Plants look pretty, but they also bring us fresh air and play a worthy role in local ecosystems. 

Consider saving space in your landscape for vegetables. Some of the easiest and most popular vegetables to grow and maintain are tomatoes, peas, radishes, cucumbers, squash, and swiss chard.

To do the most, design a space that is both beautiful and functional. You will love having fresh ingredients on hand for meals and the bees and birds in your neighborhood will thank you too.

Outdoor Office Space

Location permitting, why not dedicate a space outside for part of the work day? If you’re one of the millions of people who have moved into temporary or permanent remote work, it’s time to maximize your comfort, productivity, and happiness working from home.

Dedicating an outdoor workspace is more than simply folding out a table and assuring that Wi-fi can reach you. Sunlight and noises could be deterrents to working outdoors that you will need to navigate.

Consider setting up tall plants to muffle nearby noises and provide shade from direct sunlight. Situate plants and flowers around your workspace to create a soothing atmosphere to work in. Creating this space should be fun and make you more excited to spend time on your patio or in your yard.

The Materials

To reinvent your space, you will likely require an assortment of landscaping materials. Instead of buying bulk materials from corporate retailers, support local small businesses to acquire all the materials you need.

Head over to our website to discover local sellers for materials like compost and amendments, gravel, mulch, rock, sand, stone, topsoil, and bark. Great raw materials help accent all the areas of your yard and set the tone for improvements to come.

With a vision laid out and materials in-hand, you’ll be ready to infuse color into your space, take part in improving the local ecosystem, and maybe even get a second office set up!

Have a great start to the year and see you back here on more landscaping tips in the coming months.