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Summer Seasonal Tips: Mulch It Up

Summer Seasonal Tips: Mulch It Up Description

Adding rich, fresh mulch is like buying a spiffy new seasonal outfit for your plant bed. Mulch adds texture and appeal and livens up dry areas of your yard. Remulching a plant bed is a simple, step-by-step process that won’t take long and will instantly spruce up your yard.

Start by raking the old, brittle mulch, dead leaves, and any other debris that has built up in your plant bed over time. This excess material can simply be composted.

Next, trim and remove any overgrown grass around the edges of the plant bed. Now you’re ready to add a 21 inch deep layer of new mulch. 

Using a rake, work the mulch across the surface, spreading it evenly under the plant bed and avoiding branches and trunks. Use the rake once more to pack down the new mulch, and you’re done. 

Summer yard tips recap

Summer can be a rough season for the ol’ yard. Stick to these tips to make sure your yard survives those dog days of summer.

  • Be sure to water more than you think, targeting dryer patches of yellow and brown. 

  • By keeping your yard’s growth in check and monitoring when you need to prune, you can maintain a clean yard from Summer into Fall.

  • Try planting certain types of flowers like perennials and annuals that can stand up to the heat and bloom beautifully toward the end of Summer.

  • Safely remove toxic plants like Poison Ivy and add materials like fresh mulch to areas of your yard to keep your landscape looking healthy and maintained when Fall approaches.