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What To Plant For Fall

What To Plant For Fall Description

To new gardeners and landscapers, it might sound counterintuitive to plant flowers or vegetables—or anything at all—before the cool months of fall and frigid months of winter that follow. 

But it’s not. Fall is an ideal time of year to start sowing your seeds and preparing your landscape to flourish next spring. Here’s a guide to fall flowers and bulbs that can stand up to the cool months ahead.


When it comes to fall plants, you must favor species that are inherently low maintenance. One of the best options is perennials. Perennials receive their name directly from the adjective “perennial”, meaning something that lasts or exists for a long period of time.


Unlike annuals or biennials which die after one or two years, perennials are enduring plants that can last longer than two years, becoming a staple of your landscape.

This HGTV article beautifully highlights some of the most exotic and colorful perennials that will liven up your landscape without succumbing to the cold.

Their list includes a dazzling array of perennials. Here’s our favorites along with a few other additions we’ve tossed in:

  • Garden Mums

  • New England Aster

  • Helenium

  • Daylilies

  • Hostas

  • Azure Monkshood

  • Goldenrod


We love the captivating red-orange glow of Heleniums, the thin, lavender stalks of Russian Sage, and the fluffy blooms of Tall Fall Sedum too. Get creative and see what types of perennials you gravitate toward the most.

With perennials, you will never be shy of options. Start by compiling a list of your favorites, then trim the list down by researching which perennials can withstand a fall climate.

Regardless of which perennials make it into your landscape, you will want to plant them in healthy soil and set them up for success. No matter where you are, you can pop over to the AmericaDIY site and quickly locate nearby vendors with rich, healthy soil that will do wonders for all of your perennial varieties.