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Fill in the Cracks and Spaces

Fill in the Cracks and Spaces Description

Rocks are a part of the natural world and our eyes recognize their presence as a fundamental part of Mother Nature itself. Because of this, you can strategically scatter rocks into empty spaces and elevate your landscape without much effort at all.

Sprinkling rocks or stones into empty spaces in a garden, among succulents, or between small plants and shrubs will give the space a fuller, more textured look. 

Large rocks can be used as small walls or support structures to hold up the sides of a garden bed or line the edges of a walkway. 


We’ve only scratched the surface. There’s numerous uses for rocks and stones in any yard or landscape. Assess your space and identify where rocks or stones would elevate the aesthetic and overall flow of the landscape.

Rocks and stones will often aid in your yard’s natural drainage and don’t need any water or maintenance themselves making them a surefire addition to any landscape.

Because rocks come in such a wide range of sizes and colors—and because they can be cumbersome to move around and deliver—you want to be certain you’re buying the exact type of rock for your intended use.

As always, scour the web for design inspiration, pick out the best local materials, and don’t be afraid to get creative and get those hands dirty.