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Hidden Rock Pathways

Hidden Rock Pathways Description

Concrete is fine, wood walkways aren’t so bad, but using a simple combination of pavers and rocks, you can build out a spectacular, textured rock pathway that creates a calming aesthetic in your yard. 

Rock pathways can be used to wrap around a garden, hug the side of a patch of grass, or lead from the main walkway of your yard to the backyard or another endpoint.

Be sure the dirt beneath your pathway is flat and compact to avoid rocks and bumps jutting up and creating an uneven walking surface.

Thick, flat pavers make for the best stepping platforms. To create some contrast, pick distinctly different colors for your pavers and accenting rocks. One general rule to follow: if your pavers are dark, pick lighter accenting rocks. If your pavers are light, pick darker accenting rocks.

For accenting rocks, we love grey river rocks or smooth black beach pebbles which give walkways a dark-toned and subdued look.