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Benefits of Landscaping with Stone

Benefits of Landscaping with Stone Description

The benefits of landscaping with stone are many. It adds a lot of aesthetic appeal, it can make a statement, and it can even make maintaining the landscape either. Find out more below about how landscaping can be beneficial.

1. Stone Lets You Zone

Need to divide parts of your landscape to separate different themes? Stone retaining walls or pathways are a great way to do so. It’s a lot like creating different themes within different rooms of your home—use stone to make a boundary and create zones outdoors.

2. Stone has Impact

If there’s one way to add gravity to a landscape, it is through carefully chosen stone. A large boulder, for example, can take the same place as a fountain or a sculpture. It’s also possible to use smaller stones to create interesting arrangements as your focal point.

3. Stone Can Be Decorative While Preventing Erosion

Another great thing about stone is that you can use it to build retaining walls or to cover an eroded hillside to prevent further erosion. It will look nice and keep soil intact.

4. Stone is Low Maintenance

Wherever you place stone, it will keep weeds down, and it won’t require much care. Unlike wood, which needs to be maintained against rot, insects and other environmental elements, stone can handle these things without taking damage. In fact, sometimes the look of weathered stone is even an advantage if that is the aesthetic you’re going for.