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Creative Turf Projects at Home

Creative Turf Projects at Home Description

You’ve seen turf used as a center strip to liven up a driveway. You’ve probably seen it as an accent to pavement and even placed between trees to appear like grass. These are all tremendous uses for turf and most people will hardly realize real grass isn’t present.


But what about using a piece of turf as a layer below your dish drying rack in the kitchen, as a serving tray, a floor mat, or a shoe tray? These are creative uses for turf you might have never considered.


By cutting out a square of turf and laying it under to your dish rack, you can absorb and drain water from drying dishes and create a soft surface underneath your drying rack for added safety if utensils or plates fall through. Aesthetically, this will do wonders for your kitchen appearance.


Similarly, you can cut out a rectangle of turf for use as a doormat, or place it in a plastic tray to set shoes on top of. Turf is durable, springy, and doesn't lose its color, making it a worthy material for utility use or home decor. Check out more creative uses for turf in and around the home