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Turf Tips: From Lawn Maintenance To Low Maintenance

Turf Tips: From Lawn Maintenance To Low Maintenance Description

The first thing you should know is that good artificial turf (like the stuff we sell) can last you 15 to 25 years. For gardeners and landscapers, and anyone putting together a thoughtful outdoor space, this is a godsend.


Don’t get us wrong, we love grass. And yet, often grass needs more love than we can give. Lawn maintenance requires time and effort watering, aerating, and even adding fertilizer and lawn seed. After painstaking effort––you might still get yellow patches of doom across your yard.


Artificial turf is an excellent alternative to consider not only for your outdoor home spaces, but for community spaces, courtyards, and projects of all sizes.


Thoughtful uses for turf


People used to think of turf and artificial grass solely as a material used in athletic arenas and in gyms. Today, it’s uses have crept into society as lawn alternatives, accents to gardens and walkways, in dog parks, in playgrounds, surrounding offices and other buildings, and in creative home projects.


Create an in-door garden

You can use turf to spruce up a small garden of plants and flowers, by cutting the turf to surround the real, living plants.


In this case, turf is being used as an accent to give more of a green, natural feel to a space, without adding more work watering and fertilizing. Blending natural and artificial is not off-limits. There’s no rules. So have fun with it and see what strips or patches of turf can do to complement your garden or windowsill. 


Fill in walkways and other spaces



If there’s no traditional lawn at your house, property, building, or job site, then consider designing a low maintenance walkway using various materials, including turf.


To start, get your hands on a solid set of pavers, flagstones, or other flat rocks that can be laid out in a row and guide someone walking up to the property. Remember, a walkway doesn’t need to be a straight line. You can curve it around a bit if you want to save room for gravel, cement, potted plants, mulch, or patches of artificial turf. 

Now that you’ve laid out the perfect pathway, start filling in around it. There’s countless designs you can conjure up in a space using a mix of turf and other materials to achieve a beautiful and functional look.