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How is Turf Made and is it Advancing?

How is Turf Made and is it Advancing? Description


Artificial turf has been around since the 1960s. Generally, the blades of the grass in turf are composed of nylon or polypropylene, which is a synthetic plastic derived from oil and gas production.


The cushy base layer of turf is made up of rubber compounds. In fact, old rubber tires are often used to create the base layer for turf.


Want to see how artificial grass is produced? Take a peek at this rather poetic video that goes inside the NamGrass factory in Ghent, Belgium.


Like many synthetic materials, turf is advancing and getting better with time. One fascinating development is a turf and biological grass combination. Imagine having real grass with the durability of turf! This involves soil and grass seed being planted on top of already installed turf. Once the biological grass grows above the height of the turf, you’ve got your hybrid in place. While this requires maintenance of the biological grass, it’s a durability boost that will help with the longevity of the surface.


We hope you’ve picked up a couple clever ideas for how to use turf. It’s a versatile material that goes a lot further than you might think. Not to mention, artificial turf is the only material that won’t punish you for going away on vacation. When you come back, it’s as bright and green and spongy as when you left it!


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